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Tokens in the Mindplex Ecosystem

Most of Mindplex’s operation require one of the followings:

  • A liquid and transferable (tradable) utility token (MPX), which is used to incentivize content creators and content consumers.
  • A non-liquid and non-transferable reputation token (MPXR), which is used as the on-chain version of users’ reputation score.

The liquid MPX token can be purchased with other currencies on the open market. It is used in membership and governance of the Mindplex Network, as described here.

The non-liquid MPXR Token can only be obtained by interacting with the platform. It’s your reputation and is non-transferable; it will stay on the Mindplex Reputation Escrow. It is used in membership, and the content factory voting process. It is also a trans- platform token that can be shared on other platforms that use our reputation engine. See more here.