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AI Startup Anthropic Close to Securing $5 Billion Valuation with New Funding Round

Jan. 31, 2023.
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AI Startup Anthropic Close to Securing $5 Billion Valuation with New Funding Round

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Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup, is making waves in the tech industry with its latest funding round. The San Francisco-based company is on the verge of securing a $300 million investment, which could value it at $5 billion. Anthropic has been on a mission to make systems easier to control and understand through its research on machine learning systems since its inception in 2021. The new funding will allow the company to delve deeper into AI’s predictable scaling properties and investigate how capabilities and safety issues can emerge. The success of the startup demonstrates the ongoing excitement for the new class of AI startups as well as Silicon Valley’s continued focus on generative AI. Anthropic is a shining example of a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak tech investment market.

From their CEO & Cofounder, Dario Amodei:

“With this fundraise, we’re going to explore the predictable scaling properties of machine learning systems, while closely examining the unpredictable ways in which capabilities and safety issues can emerge at scale”


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