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Global Leaders Sign Agreement to Promote Responsible Use of AI in Military Domain

Feb. 21, 2023.
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Representatives from over 60 countries gathered in The Hague for the recent Summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain (REAIM), co-hosted by the Netherlands and South Korea, to discuss the potential harm of AI and how to address it. Countries signed an agreement to develop and use military AI responsibly in order to maintain international security, stability, and accountability. Attendees agreed on the importance of addressing issues such as military AI reliability, unintended consequences of its use, and escalation risks. They also emphasized the importance of involving humans in decision-making when it comes to using AI in warfare.

US Bonnie Jenkins, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control, invited all countries to join in implementing international norms related to military development and use of AI. Meanwhile, China’s representative Jian Tan urged nations to join forces through the UN to oppose the pursuit of absolute military advantage and hegemony through AI. Despite the agreement, critics are concerned that it lacks legal force and does not address other issues related to the use of artificial intelligence in military conflicts.

Concerns have been raised about the rise of AI and its potential use in warfare, as well as the threat it poses to human jobs and creativity. Lockheed Martin’s recent disclosure of its new training jet being flown by AI for more than 17 hours has only fueled these fears. Former Google CEO and Alphabet chair Eric Schmidt has gone so far as to say that AI could have the same impact on wars as nuclear weapons.


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