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Meet Madhumita Murgia, the first-ever Artificial Intelligence Editor at Financial Times!

Mar. 01, 2023.
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AI becomes the New Financial Times Focus.

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Madhumita Murgia, the Financial Times’ first-ever Artificial Intelligence Editor, is leading coverage of the rapidly evolving field of AI and assisting FT reporters in discovering stories about how AI is upending industries around the world. In an industry characterized by both, Murgia’s newly created role at FT is to separate the hype from the truly transformative. Her job is to break news and investigate how AI technologies work, how they will be applied across industries, and the ramifications for business and society. Murgia is particularly interested in the impact of AI technologies on our daily lives, both positive and negative, as well as their ethical application and role in advancing science and healthcare. Other newsrooms have appointed AI reporters/correspondents in recent months, but this role is unique in that it operates within a global newsroom. Murgia works closely with correspondents from various disciplines and countries to expand their coverage. Her challenge is to communicate the complicated underlying technology in a way that is both understandable and accurate. Murgia is eager to speak with people affected by AI, such as business owners, governments, and ordinary citizens, in order to explore new perspectives on the story.

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