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RAV3N Copilot: Using Generative AI to Augment Security Analysts’ Workload

Feb. 21, 2023.
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Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, some have expressed concern about its potential use in the generation of malware and phishing content. Blackbird AI, a provider of defensive AI and risk intelligence, has raised $10 million in series A funding to launch RAV3N Copilot, an AI assistant for security analysts that uses generative AI to create narrative intelligence and risk reports. This tool can generate executive briefings, key findings, and mitigation steps automatically, allowing security teams to manage security incidents more efficiently.

The integrations of RAV3N Copilot, Orca Security, and ARMO’s ChatGPT all highlight the importance of using generative AI to improve an analyst’s contextual understanding of security incidents or tasks in the SOC. The focus of RAV3N Copilot is on improving risk visibility, allowing risk analysts to quickly develop insights into risks across their environments in real-time.

While more businesses are experimenting with generative AI, Blackbird AI’s RAV3N Copilot claims to be the only one in the market because of its patent-pending innovation, the Constellation Risk Engine, which filters data to identify custom risks in a way that a more general large language model cannot. The release of RAV3N Copilot exemplifies how generative AI can benefit a security team by augmenting contextual information about threats targeting data assets, thereby increasing efficiency in managing security incidents.


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