The Era of 1.58-bit Large Language Models: A Breakthrough in Efficiency

Researchers at Microsoft have introduced BitNet b1.58, a novel variant of 1-bit LLMs that achieves state-of-the-art performance while significantly reducing computational cost and environmental impact.


Hypercycling Towards Superintelligence | Mindplex Podcast S2EP19

Join Toufi Saliba and Ben Goertzel as we learn how HyperCycle’s HyperAIBox and HypC 1.0 will work with OpenCog Hyperon to usher in a new era of decentralized superintelligence.


Do you have robot-phobia?

Job insecurity and stress


Crypto Market Makers: Liquidity Saviors or Sinners?

Crypto market makers: essential liquidity providers or manipulative profiteers? Explore their controversial role in shaping crypto markets and prices.


Is the TikTok Ban Unconstitutional? | Mindplex Podcast S2EP18

David Greene, Civil Liberties Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, explains the how the recent TikTok ban by U.S. Congress clashes with the First Amendment and basic Free Speech principles.

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