About Mindplex

Mindplex is a magazine dedicated to the rapidly-unfolding future, a platform for sharing our community to share and discuss futurist content, and a showcase in using AI tools to improve the media experience. Join us now and help create the future of digital media.

our team

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Editor in Chief

Amara Angelica

Senior Editor

Lisa Rein

Editor at Large

Conor O`Higgins

Managing Editor

Hruy Tsegaye

CEO of Mindplex

Leykun Ejigu


Debashis Saha

UX Designer

Esubalew Amenu

Lead Backend Developer

Dawit Mekonnen

Web Developer

Anna Ostrovska

Illustrator & UI Designer

Tesfaye Assefa (Tesfu)


our vision


our mission

Mindplex plans to build a great futurist magazine. We will bring you cutting edge ideas from the biggest names in artificial intelligence, biotech, blockchain, robotics, and other fields, and cover technology breakthroughs as they happen.

We will build a community around our shared interests, and manage that community wisely, using our blockchain-based reputation system to promote the best content and most trustworthy speech.


We believe in freedom of conscience. We want you to be free to investigate for yourself what is true, and to discuss it.

While we were founded by techno-optimists interested in the Technological Singularity, we welcome other viewpoints. We will try to minimize the amount of control centralized power has over discourse, as this is known to distort free and open discussion.

We are concerned about the inaccuracy and low quality that characterizes much of our digital media today. Some of our founding team lived through the Tigrayan war, seeing the violence fueled partly by online hate-speech. We value high-quality, trustworthy media, not harmful and deceptive speech.


Mindplex means a system of minds (human and machine) working together as a distributed whole. We envision Mindplex becoming a place where people come together, and learn, teach, and grow mentally together, within a framework of blockchain/tokenomics incentives that direct the conversation towards constructive and intelligent speech.

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