Hollywood Writers Strike Versus Facsimile Culture

R.U. Sirius explores the rise of AI in entertainment, the striking writers demanding regulations, and the battle to preserve human creativity. Discover the blurred lines between originals and facsimiles in art and music.


Mindplex Pubcast: Episode 7 | What Does Indigenous Wisdom Say About the Singularity?

Tyson Yunkaporta and Megan Kelleher join Ben Goertzel and Lisa Rein to discuss some of the unlikely places where Indigenous philosophy often finds itself, such as blockchain governance.


The Politics of Appropriation and the Active Use of Content-Creating AI

In the 80s and 90s, taping and sampling were said to be killing the music industry. Now, AI is said to steal artists’ work and threaten their jobs. Is Generative AI an accelerated version of remix culture?

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