Large Language Models – From Banality to Originality

Here’s why ChatGPT falls short. Ben Goertzel discusses the limitations of ChatGPT and what needs to happen to progress from there to an AGI.


About Rejuve.AI’s Bayes Expert Model & Everyone’s Unique Holistic Body Model | From Episode 3 feat Rejuve

Ben Goertzel & Deborah Duong discuss Rejuve.AI’s Bayes Expert model, which tries to find causal factors of aging within a larger holistic model based on an individual’s genes & lifestyle.


Optionality & Infinite Games

Are there innate laws of Ethics? Nell's article shines light on the possibility and the need to better understand the will of the universe. 


The Mindplex Awakens!

Our Editor-In- Chief introduces Mindplex and the magazine.

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