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The Cosmic Convergence: Humanity's Extraordinary Odyssey with the Xyloids

In this cosmic journey, Salim delves into encounters with extraterrestrial life, navigates ethical dilemmas, and unravels a boundless tapestry that shapes humanity's interstellar destiny.


Scientists build tiny healing biological robots from human cells

Future healing uses may include clearing arterial plaque, repairing spinal cord or retinal nerve damage, and targeting bacteria or cancer cells


Time Travel, UFOs, and the Multiverse: The Democratization of Love | Mindplex Podcast: S2E1

A wild ride through time's twists, featuring mental, informational, and physical leaps. Unpack UFO tales, retrocausality mysteries, precognition, and the mind-bending multiverse. Buckle up for the unexpected!


Why Did Binance and CZ Settle With US Authorities for $4.3 Billion?

Binance, crypto's juggernaut, is hit with a record $4.3 billion settlement! The SEC cracks down, forcing CZ's resignation: is this the end or the beginning of a new chapter?


Cardano Summit 2023 Dubai: Adoption, Impact… And AGIX Staking

Cardano's rise: unveiling the tech odyssey at the Dubai 2023 Summit. Werner dissects the 3-day affair, spotlighting partnerships, AI revelations, and the strategic vision shaping Cardano's destiny in 2024.

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