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Cardano Summit 2023 Dubai: Adoption, Impact… And AGIX Staking

Cardano's rise: unveiling the tech odyssey at the Dubai 2023 Summit. Werner dissects the 3-day affair, spotlighting partnerships, AI revelations, and the strategic vision shaping Cardano's destiny in 2024.


BitVM: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Contracts

Uncover the revolutionary BitVM, a paradigm shifting Bitcoin computing model allowing Turing-complete contracts without altering consensus rules. Explore its architecture, fair play mechanisms, and potential to reshape Bitcoin's contract landscape.


Scientists build tiny healing biological robots from human cells

Future healing uses may include clearing arterial plaque, repairing spinal cord or retinal nerve damage, and targeting bacteria or cancer cells


Time Travel 101

Julia Mossbridge explains the differences between precognition (sensing the future) and mental or informational time travel (receiving informational messages from the future or sending them to the past).


The Cosmic Convergence: Humanity's Extraordinary Odyssey with the Xyloids

In this cosmic journey, Salim delves into encounters with extraterrestrial life, navigates ethical dilemmas, and unravels a boundless tapestry that shapes humanity's interstellar destiny.

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