Bitcoin Ordinals: A Quick Guide

What the heck is 'Bitcoin Ordinals'?


Why is Data Availability (DA) in Crypto and Blockchain Important? 

Werner V. explores the essence of blockchain: data! He explains topics related to data on blockchain, addressing structure, availability, challenges, and emerging solutions.


The Biggest Crypto Narratives of Q2 2024

Inside Q2 Crypto Dynamics: Bitcoin's evolution, DeFi surges, market volatility explored. Navigate the crypto waves with in-depth analysis.


Grandmaster-Level Chess Without Search

DeepMind's transformer model challenges Stockfish 16 in chess, achieving 2895 Lichess blitz Elo rating without search algorithms.


The Incredible AI 3D Revolution | Mindplex Podcast - S2EP16

The groundbreaking innovations unveiled at the GDC: Discover how AI is revolutionizing the creation and presentation of 3D models for printed wearables, virtual clothing, avatars, and immersive virtual worlds.

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