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The Top 20 AI Cryptocurrencies For 2024 (Part 1)

Part 1 of Werner's series explores the Top 5 AI Cryptocurrencies for 2024. From AI marketplaces to data merchants, discover the potential of these innovative projects.


Chelsea Manning Gives Her Take On AI Regulation to Grace Robot | Highlights From Episode 8

Chelsea Manning tells Grace Robot what she thinks about governments, academia, civil society and the technology industry working together to regulate AI.


Steal This Singularity Part 2: The More Things Change, The More You’ll Need To Save

In part two of Steal This Singularity, R.U. Sirius reflects on his experiences with transhumanism and singularitarianism, and shares his thoughts on the future of humanity.


Understanding EIP-4844: Ethereum’s Proto-Danksharding Upgrade for Layer-2s

What is Ethereum's transformative upgrade: EIP-4844? Discover how Proto-Danksharding aims to revolutionize scalability, lower gas fees, and bolster Ethereum's competitiveness in the world of Layer-2s. 


Middle Class Precariat: The Obsolescence of the Intelligent Workforce

Is AI the ultimate catalyst for Mass Technological Unemployment? Fisher explores the disruption triggered by Generative AI and poses the question: are we advancing toward leisure or new serfdom? 

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