Bittensor (TAO): The Crypto Neural Network for AI and ML Model Development

Can decentralized AI networks like Bittensor help revolutionize the development of advanced AI models?


Wavefunction Matching: A Breakthrough in Quantum Calculation Accuracy

Can wavefunction matching simplify complex quantum calculations and enable accurate predictions of atomic nuclei properties? Researchers may find a way to significant breakthroughs in quantum computing.


Surviving the Automation Tsunami Wave: Navigating the Future of Work

The rapid pace of technological advancements challenges norms and job stability. Sharon Gal-Or explores strategies for reskilling, policy interventions, and ethical AI, which are crucial in navigating the Automation Tsunami.


Will Congress Ban Telegram Next? | Highlights from S2EP18

The EFF's David Greene explores TikTok's future and potential impact on other foreign-owned apps, wondering if Telegram, which is also foreign-owned, might be targeted next.


Conscious AI: Five options

Is conscious AI desirable? The next 18 months may see this become one of the biggest debates in the world of technology.

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