Deciphering AGI: Google DeepMind’s Quest for a Clearer Definition

Nov. 17, 2023. 2 min. read. Interactions

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The AGI Conundrum

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) stands as one of the most enigmatic and debated terms in the realm of technology. This concept, often described as AI that parallels or surpasses human abilities in a variety of tasks, lacks a universally accepted definition. This ambiguity has sparked controversy and confusion within the tech community.

Google DeepMind’s Taxonomy of AGI

To demystify AGI, Google DeepMind researchers have stepped forward with a groundbreaking paper. They propose not just a single definition but an entire taxonomy of AGI definitions. Their approach began with analyzing existing AGI definitions to extract their core features. This led to the creation of a five-tier hierarchy of AGI levels: emerging, competent, expert, virtuoso, and superhuman. Notably, current advancements like ChatGPT and Bard are classified as ’emerging AGI’.

The New Definition: Depth and Breadth

This initiative provides much-needed clarity in a field riddled with vague interpretations. DeepMind emphasizes that AGI must exhibit both general-purpose utility and high performance. It must not only perform a range of tasks but also learn them, assess its performance, and seek help when needed. The focus is more on what AGI can do rather than how it operates.

The Future of AGI: Autonomy and Ethical Considerations

While this new framework offers clarity, it also sparks discussions about the future of AGI. The DeepMind team clarifies that AGI does not necessarily mean autonomy. Additionally, the ethical implications and the very purpose of pursuing AGI remain topics of debate. Some critics, like Timnit Gebru, question the rationale behind striving for a technology with potentially limitless scope and intelligence.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Better Understanding

Google DeepMind’s contribution to defining AGI marks a significant step towards resolving longstanding confusions. It encourages a shift from vague, speculative discussions to more focused, meaningful conversations about the future of AI. However, as AGI continues to evolve, the need for ongoing reassessment of its definition and implications remains crucial.

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SOURCE: Google DeepMind wants to define what counts as artificial general intelligence | MIT Technology Review

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