Mindplex Social

Mindplex Social is an initiative to decentralize and revive the dying landscape of social media. The ending battle of censorship, data leaks, and centralized control dictating what you can and can’t do, is never-ending and leaves much to be desired for.

Mindplex leverages Mastodon’s decentralized approach by having a vast array of servers run by people to enhance its scope and functionality, providing users with a new, resilient approach to social networking that resists censorship. By integrating with Mastodon, Mindplex enables its users to effortlessly connect with a wide range of servers and communities, thus merging the realms of centralized and decentralized digital experiences.

We have created an innovative synergy with the use of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence driven tools on top of Mastodon server to further enhance privacy, security, and user control while opening scopes of incentives for users and creators. 

What You Can Do on Mindplex Social?

  • After signing up, you can immediately begin posting on Mindplex Social. Complete your profile with your details like your bio, avatar/profile picture, header, metadata, and more.
  • If you have used Mastodon before and want to follow your friends on Mindplex, you can search their usernames and follow them.
  • You can migrate your other Mastodon account to Mindplex, followers, or friends from other Mastodon accounts.
  • You can Boost the toots of other users, and while you interact on the platform, you earn MPXR (Reputation token).
  • Mindplex Magazine and Mindplex Social feeds are synchronized. So if you post something on Mindplex Social, it’ll automatically be posted on Mastodon as well along with the comments you receive.

What You Can’t Do?

  • You cannot use login credentials of other Mastodon Servers on Mindplex Social. You will have to create a new account.
  • You cannot Mega Boost your posts. You can however Mega Boosts post appearing in your Local or federated feed.
  • You cannot delete your toots.
  • You cannot upload files (images and videos) more than 2MB in size.

Why Use Mindplex Social?

  • Earn reputation points for being active and contributing to the platform. Your interactions make Mindplex a better place.
  • Gather reputation points by interacting with the content on Mindplex Social and Magazine to earn rewards in the form of MPX tokens.
  • We don’t control what you post or say on the platform, you have all rights to express yourself and be creative or thoughtful. However, we expect common decency and humility towards fellow users. We strongly discourage cyberbullying and abuse.
  • Participate in building a decentralized community that is free from the bounds of centralized control.
  • When you earn or hold Mindplex token/s, you have a say in the matter of governance and voting.