Decentralizing Social Media with Blockchain— Launching Mindplex Mastodon Instance

Dec. 01, 2023. 5 min. read. Interactions

Mastodon's commitment to user privacy and control over personal data resonates with Mindplex's ethos of championing user-centric innovations.

Over the last decade, the social media landscape has been increasingly dominated by centralized platforms and their black box algorithms, with their algorithmic impacts on our politics, societies, and collective intelligence. 

In this age of global communication, social media providers have outsized impacts on shaping the narratives we live in, and centralized providers have well recognized issues – privacy and data control (or lack thereof), content moderation and censorship, and questionable algorithms that determine what content you’re shown, to name a few – which are facing increasing scrutiny from users, and with good reason. This growing dissatisfaction has sparked significant interest in decentralized social media platforms, often viewed as potential solutions to these pervasive issues.

Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNet, joined by many voices within the SingularityNET ecosystem and community, have long discussed how decentralized social media can address many of the systemic issues in the current media landscape. Today we are proud to announce that Mindplex, an AI media spin-off project by SingularityNET, is taking strong steps into innovating this sector by launching Mindplex Social. Mindplex Social is a decentralized social media network, built on a custom Mindplex-Mastodon integration server. Our custom Mastodon instance is the first to integrate blockchain technology and advanced reputation management, as well as a seamless integration with the Mindplex Magazine.

Join Mindplex Social, and begin earning reputation today!

And don’t forget to join us for a Livestream Launch event December 1st at 18:00 UTC for with Ben Goertzel (CEO if SingularityNet), Hruy Tsegaye (CEO of Mindplex), and Conor Higgins (COO of Mindplex) discussing the future of decentralized social media and and the new Mindplex Social.

Mindplex Social joins Mastodon

Mindplex Magazine has innovated the space of news and article media, with content transparently trustworthy based on reputation, community feedback and engagement – not censorship or ad revenue. Now Mindplex is proud to bring the same advancements to Mindplex Social.

Mindplex Social will harness the power of AI and blockchain technology to expand the reach and capability of decentralized social media, and offer users a fresh perspective on social networking, building on the solid foundation and years of development and community building of Mastodon. This integration allows Mindplex users to seamlessly access Mastodon’s vast array of servers and communities, effectively bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized online experiences. 

What makes this integration special is the use of blockchain-based tools and AI-driven reputation systems, something not seen on any other Mastodon-adopted platform. And it gets better; once the Mindplex utility token is available, you will be able to Megaboost your toots (toots are the name for posts on Mastodon servers!), making your posts appear throughout the platform, similar to boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram.

SingularityNET and Mindplex are bringing blockchain-based AI tools to Mastodon

Mindplex Social on Mastodon is a significant milestone in the quest for a more transparent and decentralized digital landscape. It represents the first of its kind, blending the decentralized ethos of Mastodon with the cutting-edge functionality of Mindplex’s reputation token.

“Integrating Mastodon into Mindplex was a natural progression for us. We’ve always been at the forefront of embracing technology that empowers our users. With Mastodon’s decentralized nature and commitment to open-source values, we’re excited to offer our users an even broader spectrum of content and communities to explore.”

Hruy Tsegaye, CEO of Mindplex

Mastodon’s commitment to user privacy and control over personal data resonates with Mindplex’s ethos of championing user-centric innovations. With this integration, users can now easily connect with Mastodon instances and enjoy a more diverse feed in addition to the curated content that Mindplex offers. 

The platform’s users will also benefit from Mastodon’s robust anti-harassment tools, ensuring us the safe and more inclusive online environment we all want (and frankly deserve.)

Mindplex Magazine and Mindplex Social: a Seamless Integration

Mindplex Social is already deeply integrated with Mindplex Magazine: your Mindplex account will log you in to both platforms, no additional credentials needed. Your published articles, comments, and comment replies on the Mindplex Magazine will automatically be posted to your Mindplex Mastodon feed inviting more users to join the conversation. This helps Mindplex Social be a platform for broadening perspectives, opening up interesting and unexpected conversations, and turning Mindplex content into a rich space of discussion for everyone.

And of course the MPXR reputation token integrates across both platforms, so that your earned reputation accumulates via all your media interactions with Mindplex. And for those who do not choose to connect a wallet yet (its optional!), your reputation will accumulate as points linked to your account until you choose to claim them.

 Mindplex Social is just getting started – help us grow by creating your account today, and joining us in decentralizing the media landscape, our chance to restore trust in media and one another. If you are responsible for, or a member of, a Mastodon Instance, reach out to federate with Mindplex! 

Join us for the special Mindplex Social launch event this December 1st at 18:00 (UTC)

To celebrate the launch of Mindplex Social, we will be hosting a livestream discussion that will explore the topics of decentralization, social media, blockchain tools, and how to bring them all together to create a future where everyone not only has a voice; but everyone’s voice matters.

Join SingularityNET CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel, Mindplex CEO Hruy Tsegaye, and Mindplex COO Connor O’higgins in A Conversation on Decentralizing Social Media with Blockchain Tools”

Don’t forget to follow SingularityNET on Mindplex Social and create your own account on the platform so you can stay up to date with all the new exciting features and integrations yet to come from around the ecosystem.

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