SingularityNET and the Mindplex Project launch: Mindplex Magazine

Jan. 20, 2023. 4 min. read. Interactions

The fun, funky, future-oriented digital magazine will pave the way to restore trust in media via AI and consumer/creator co-curation.

The fun, funky, future-oriented digital magazine will pave the way to restore trust in media via AI and consumer/creator co-curation.

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Greetings Singularitarians!

SingularityNET and Mindplex are excited to announce the launch of Mindplex Magazine — the fun, funky, future-oriented digital magazine, website, podcast, and AI suite, born from the mind of the father of AGI, Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Ben Goertzel introduced the term “Mindplex” in 2003 when he was looking for a word to describe a mind that’s more unified than human society but less unified than an individual human mind. Such a structured and connected collection of minds — human, machine, or even alien — create a collaborative mind-space for minds of any definition.

Mindplex Magazine will explore future technologies and their profound impacts on the future of human civilization:

Per Ben’s description, Mindplex Magazine topics will range from life extension, nanotech, blockchain, robotics, consciousness, psychedelics, and radical physics to (of course) AGI and the Singularity.”

The Mindplex Magazine and Platform will be a rich space for forming mindplexes, bringing together like-minded people and AIs that will work and play alongside humans.

This human-machine collaboration will be a step toward a future superintelligence — “one that is humane and compassionate, and guides us on a safe path toward a beneficial, benevolent Singularity,” says Ben.

A suite of AI services

Mindplex is also developing AI-enabled services for use on Mindplex Magazine, and to be licensed to other media sites, including:

  • Reputation and Rating
  • Content Factory (reader-based writing platform)
  • Newsfeed customization using a recommendation engine
  • Automated summary generator

The SingularityNET AI Reputation Engine

One of the first things Mindplex will be experimenting with is a custom implementation of the SingularityNET AI reputation engine — a “complex-systems-theory-based reputation system that leverages crypto tokens to manage creator and user reputations,” says Ben.

Developed by the Mindplex AI team and SingularityNET, this reputation system will rate users based on their activities and their interaction, to build credibility — sharing, commenting, liking, voting (including governance voting), and consuming content on the Mindplex platform.

The system awards “reputation points” to users and content creators on the platform. The more reputation points you have on the platform, the higher your influence, while inappropriate activity like spamming will reduce reputation points.

These reputation points will be linked to an innovative new soulbound-type token, MPXR, which will be an indelible record on the blockchain of these reputation points. They can never be bought or sold by users — only earned or lost through behaviors and interactions.

An AI Recommendation Engine

Another tool at the core of Mindplex Magazine is the Recommendation Engine. This will help expose users to opposing views to avoid the creation of “filter bubbles.” In most current social media and media platforms, recommended content is based purely on content that the user has already liked or interacted with. This has an effect where typical social media channels funnel user attention into an ever-narrowing band of information and opinions that conform to and reinforce their own beliefs.

On the other hand, the Mindplex Magazine Recommendation Engine recommends content that is like what a user has already enjoyed or interacted positively with — but also seeds a level of alternative viewpoints or content from alternative topics. This provides opportunities for content consumers to broaden their horizons in an engaging way.

Other AI tools in development, for future releases

  • AI dialogue systems that will chat with readers and answer basic questions about media, articles, and topics posted on the site.
  • AI-based interactive content-creation tools — focused initially on creating interactive science fiction that explores the potential implications and uses of new technologies described and discussed on the site.
  • AI-generated memes and comics
  • Collaboration with SophiaDAO, another amazing SingularityNET ecosystem project, on immersive virtual-world scenarios related to Mindplex content.
  • Leveraging TWIN Protocol technology, allowing users to create their own digital twins and allowing others to experience their twins’ reactions to Mindplex content.
  • Unique mathematical tools that allow the user to create visual and music art, based on the user’s own DNA sequence.

“These new tools are crucial to Mindplex Magazine— they aim to address systemic issues plaguing the current media environment,” notes Ben. ”These issues include censorship, bias, control by a single individual or organization, and surveillance. These tools aim to create an infosphere that’s more democratic, decentralized, and privacy-focused, driven by AI and blockchain.

Mindplex Magazine also features a dedicated feature that allows the community to contribute new content and prevents spamming and abuse (the community is invited to elect moderators). This multimedia platform will eventually include video, spatial audio, comics, VR, and tech demos by content contributors and the SingularityNET community.

Experience the future-forward content and futuristic AI systems of this amazing project available at Mindplex Magazine now. Don’t forget to sign up for a Mindplex account — reputation is available to be earned right away, just through interacting with the content!

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