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Content Factory

Mindplex Content Factory is a matchmaking tool. What if you could ask someone to write an article or make a video documentary on one of your favorite subjects? Good for you, our Content Factory enables you to request that!

The Content factory facilitates four main processes: Content Request, Voting,  Job Claiming, and Content Submission for Publication.

Our Content Factory handles:

  1. Users’ content request.
  2. Legal review of the requested content: this is not censorship. We have to make sure the request is legal! You are not allowed to request something like “can someone write an in-depth article about how to get away with murder?” on the content description of your request. You are also not allowed to write the following: “How to kill your annoying boss and get away with it” in the suggested title section.
  3. Voting: all free requests, if they get through the “legal review” stage, will come back to the community for voting. See “Voting in Content Factory” for more detail. 
  4. Job registry: free requests that pass through the voting stage or paid requests will be registered and the community can access them via the Jobs page on our Content Factory.
  5. Job claiming: qualified content creators who fulfill the specific requirements indicated in the respective request, can claim jobs so they can create the content and publish it. 
  6. Content Submission and payment: content creators will submit the content to the Mindplex editors and to requesters to get published and compensated.
  7. Review: again this is not censorship, but the editors will make sure everything is legal. However, here, if the request is paid, the review will also be done by the sponsor (the person who requested the content), and if it is not up to their standard, feedback will be sent, or the contract will be terminated. See more on paid request, where qualified content creators claim the job.  

This tool has a WordPress plugin and interested partners can adapt it, along with our Reputation plugin. If you are interested to do so, please contact us at