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Decentralized AI-AGI-blockchain Tools

Mindplex is also an AI-meets-blockchain platform for experimenting with new tools that decentralize and democratize benevolent AI and AGI (artificial general intelligence).

These tools include:

Content Factory — a reputation-based (based on reader interactions) matchmaking engine that allows Mindplex community members to build their network and control the flow of content in a decentralized and democratic manner. Click here for more detail.  This tool embeds powerful generative AIs and governance tools as well.

Reputation Engine, a complex-systems-theory-based reputation system for rewarding content creators and content consumers,  using merit-based interaction with content.

AI-based experiments 

  • Interactive and collaborative content-creation tool— focused initially on creating interactive science-fiction that explores the potential implications and uses of AI in ranking, curating, and merging alternative storylines. For example, if ten people worked on a book that has ten chapters, and if each of these ten people wrote ten different chapters, there are 3,628,800 possible outputs as fully developed books.
  • AI-generated memes and comics.
  • Collaboration with SophiaDAO, another amazing SingularityNET ecosystem project, on immersive virtual-world scenarios related to Mindplex content.
  • Leveraging TWIN Protocol technology, allowing users to create their own digital twins and allow others to experience their twins’ reactions to Mindplex content.

These  major tools are described in detail in other pages of our FAQ.