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Dispute Resolution, Copyright, and Emergency Take Down

Disputes may arise regarding the why and the how of the publication process. In most cases, the community content moderators have the ultimate voice to resolve them. Questions like quality, eligibility, and legality are directly decided by the community content moderators. However, if you feel strongly that the moderators are abusing their power, you can contact the Mindplex editorial team via

Mindplex has all rights to take down, republish, or redistribute whatever content you submitted via the Community content section. Furthermore, you are liable and can be held accountable for any legal dispute arising from your submitted content and false statements. When you submit your content, you have also agreed to indemnify, defend, and protect Mindplex from and against all lawsuits and costs of every kind pertaining to your published content on this platform, which include legal fees due to infringement of the intellectual rights, trademarks and copyrights of any third party.