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Free Content Request

Most content on the planet is created free of charge, look at the largest social media platforms (You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok), or the most known free online encyclopedias (Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, Conservapedia). They generate all this content because humans are storytellers. So you can rely on these beautiful story tellers and ask them to create content on the topics you prefer. We believe our community is full of storytellers as well!

If your request makes it through legal review, it will go to the voting stage. If the majority of the community loves it, you will win the voting stage, which means your request will pass to the job registry. From there, story tellers, experts, researchers, gurus (those who are qualified) will claim it.

You are not expected to pay the Content Creator, but if you want you can tip!

Among other parameters, you can set the following requirements on any free content request: 

  • Deadline for submission
  • Minimum MPXR required from content creators to claim the job.

Note: All content submitted through the free content request will be owned by Mindplex, so  you will not enjoy playing with Parameters related to licensing and copyrights.

Warning: requesting illegal content (such as  child pornography, name-calling, bullying, or hate speech) will result in a serious reputation reduction and an eventual account deletion. Please see our Constitution to understand the blurry and philosophically challenging line between freedom of speech and illegal content.