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We do not live in a perfect world; disputes will happen. Let’s say your paid-requests process was not satisfactory and all the contents submitted are not up to your standard. You can appeal to the editorial team for refund (not to pay the promised MPX) and not to publish the content. The editorial team, before validating the appeal, will review the submission thoroughly. 

Before this, you have to follow the following step. 

  • Ranking the submissions you accepted! 

You have to rank all the submissions you accepted before appealing to the editorial team (if you issued a multiple submission request involving 5 content creators, and if you rejected 4 submissions and accepted only 1, then that is ranked as 1st place and you have to rank it as that. If you rejected 3 submissions and accepted 2, then you have to rank these 2 submissions and identify which is your 1st place and which is your 2nd place. So on and so on). You are not expected to rank the submissions you rejected and you can leave those unranked. 

Note: Remember, you can also reject all submissions (if it is what you feel) and in this case you are not expected to rank the submissions. 

  • Submit your appeal along with your ranking   

There are two types of findings (verdicts) after any such appeal. The editorial team will decide: 1) the content creator is just submitting to get paid and the content is fake, or 2) the content creator has really worked on the content, but the content somehow is not good. 

In cases where the verdict of the editorial team fits scenario number 1 (where the content creator is just trying to fool everyone), the payment will be canceled. Furthermore, the content creator will be punished and certain reputation tokens (MPXR) will be deducted.

In cases where the Verdict is scenario 2, where the attempt is genuine but the content is below the expected quality, here is where the Minimum and Maximum Guarantee comes in handy. Since we need to protect Content Creators who genuinely worked their very best but are not lucky,  we need to guarantee their payment. So if the editorial team decided (after evaluating your appeal and the submission), the agreed guarantee will be deducted. The default guarantee for single submission is 9% and the default guarantee for multiple submissions is 15%. While you can increase the guarantee, you cannot decrease it.

Guarantee Distribution 

The default minimum guarantee amount for single submission is 7% while 15% minimum guarantee is a must for multiple submission. In order to attract content creators, we encourage you to raise the guarantee amount. 

The guarantee distribution in single submission is straightforward: the content creator will get 7% of the promised payment. 

The guarantee distribution for multiple submissions will depend on the success of the other competing content creators. Below are more examples to elaborate the process.   

Example One: when all submissions are rejected by you, and all the Verdict (of the editorial team) is scenario 2 (all content creators deserve the guarantee payment), the allocated guarantee will be splitted equally between the rejected content creators. 

Guarantee=15%(Total Payment)/Number of Content Creators

Example Two: when you have accepted some of the submissions and rejected the rest, and then the Verdict (of the editorial team) is mixed (out of the submissions you rejected, some submissions are in scenario 1 and some are in scenario 2), the guarantee is calculated as follows:

All accepted appeals (your rejections) will be automatically ranked as bottom places. (Let’s say in a request that involves 5 submissions, you ranked 1 of them as 1st place submission and appeal to the editorial team not to pay for the remaining 4 submissions. Then let’s say the editorial team evaluated the submissions and gave the verdict that out of the 4 submissions, 3 deserve the guaranteed payment and 1 doesn’t. In this case, you have one accepted appeal so the amount you have allocated for 5th place will be excluded from deduction as an unpayable bottom place reward.     

Guarantee= 15%(Remaining balance/Number of Content Creators)

Remaining Balance= Total payment-(Paid Payment + Bottom Unpaid Amount)