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How to Earn Reputation?

On Mindplex, both content consumers and content creators generate reputation points based on how they interact with the platform. 

Every time you interact with the Mindplex, the effect of the interaction on your reputation score is calculated based on several factors. These factors include the weight of the interactor, among others described below.

Interactor: is a user who expresses their feedback via the selected interaction types: namely commenting, liking, sharing, reacting with emojis, or simply by spending time reading or listening to content.

Weight of Interactor: is the interactor’s existing reputation. This is represented by their MPXR token at the time of the interaction. If someone with a high reputation score ‘likes’ your content, that boosts your reputation more than if someone with a low score does.

Reputation can be added as a reward or subtracted as a punishment. As you interact with the platform and spread content that other members like, you will start to see your reputation go up. When this happens, you start to have more influence on the platform.

As a Mindplex user, you influence the reputation of the community members around you, and they in turn influence your reputation. If someone interacts with a comment you made (i.e. clicks like, reacts with emojis, etc.), then they influence your reputation. If you read an article and interact with it, you influence the writer’s score. The effect of your interaction will be calculated, and the content creator will get a reputation reward – thanks to you. At the same time the quality and intensity of your interaction will be calculated and you will receive a reputation reward because you are contributing and helping us maintain quality: you also receive reputation while you give.