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This is our liquid token. You can buy and sell it. You can use it to request content, and it is one of the mandatory tokens to become a Member with access to governance voting. The total supply of MPX is one billion. In the early days of Mindplex, it will be released on Ethereum as a Matick (polygon) token. However, once Cardano becomes an efficient, fluid, and reliable smart-contract platform, MPX will move from the Ethereum to Cardano blockchain.

MPX has a governance functionality: it is used in governance voting on proposals for or against. In addition, you can transfer it temporarily and delegate your MPX to other users who can vote on your behalf. Please see more here.

Note: Please protect yourself from crypto currency scams! Our admins will never ask you, and never need the PRIVATE KEY of your wallet! Do not reply to such messages and keep your wallet keys private. Furthermore, please report such incidents via email ( Neither Mindplex nor any of its affiliates in our Ecosystem will EVER ask you for MPX tokens, wallet keys, or to connect your wallet to any other third party websites. Scammers can impersonate the Mindplex admins or team members. NEVER perform these actions, even if it is requested of you by someone that has our name and likeness! Make sure you are following one or more of Mindplex’s official social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Youtube, and Telegram).