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This is our non-liquid token. It is non-transferable! This represents the value of your reputation. The MPXR token is used as a key; without it you cannot interact with content.  It can also be used to request new content or to up-vote or down-vote new content requests. When you open an account on Mindplex, the system will generate one MPXR for you. This will allow you to start interacting and earn more MPXRs.

Reputation cannot be bought! To increase your MPXR, you have to do things that are actually appreciated by the community. However, if you do things for the sake of popularity, you might lose your reputation. Do your thing because it’s right, not because it’s popular!

MPXR is always locked on the Mindplex Reputation Escrow- you can not transfer it to your wallet, trade it, or delegate it. However, people will see how much of it you have from your profile page. In addition, your MPXR balance will be displayed next to your user name. 

While voting, you will see a temporary reduction. 

Let’s say you have 100 MPXR and there are 4 voting processes going on that day inside our content factory. (Voting on Content A, Voting on Content B, Voting on Content C, and Voting on Content D). Let’s also say, two of the voting processes attracted your attention and you decided to participate. Let’s say you use 20 MPXR as up-vote (20 yes votes) in vote A, and another 25 MPXR as down-vote (25 no votes) in vote B. Then your MPXR balance will be reduced to 55 for a short period of time. During this time, you cannot claim jobs (content creation jobs) that require a minimum of 56 MPXR balance and above. Relax, most voting periods last up to 48 hours and once the voting is completed, your MPXR will return to your escrow and your balance will start to display 100 again.

MPXR is used in governance voting as well. MPXR is used as a weight in such voting processes. As explained in the MPX section, our liquid token (MPX) is the one counted as a vote in governance, or it is MPX that can be delegated. How about some rich devil buying lots and lots of MPX and winning a vote? Hold on a minute: this is why MPXR is used as the weight of that vote. You can buy MPX or someone can delegate it; however, all that has little to no value if your vote’s weight is light– MPX not backed by your reputation! Long live MPXR!