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Mindplex does not track you. But we do measure and record behaviors on our website to enable use in our reputation system. (How we measure reputation on Mindplex and other websites that use our reputation engine is explained in detail here.) We do not reward reputation points based on who you are, we reward you based on what you do!

To achieve  that, our reputation system observes some parameters (behaviors) during user’s interaction with content/other users/content creators. For example your association determines your bias! Most people give the ‘thumbs up’ interaction and share a content if it is published by someone they follow (if I like your posts, you will like mine! If I share your posts regardless of their merit, you will start following me or add me as your friend regardless of my merit). 

We also track  personal and environmental polarity. 

Personal polarity: some people are  optimists, so when they interact, they always give positive feedback (such as a thumbs-up emoticon and “great” in their comment). On the other hand, some people are  pessimists, so  when they interact they give negative feedback (such as a thumbs-down emoticon and “awful” in their comment). 

Environmental polarity: some people, to protect their group, will not play fair. Such people will give an exaggerated negative feedback to any content if it criticizes or argues against their group’s beliefs. Even if they are consuming a well constructed, logically valid, and aesthetically pleasing content, they will never give a positive feedback. 

Mindplex cannot be a merit-based decentralized platform if its AI-enhanced tools ignore such biases. So how do we track such behavior — without tracking your identity? Simple, via your interaction on our platform. But once you leave our site, we do not follow you; no cookies, or any known tracking system. We respect your privacy!

Join us and be part of our community and help us create a merit-based reward system.