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Publishing and Posting

In addition to interactions, Mindplex rewards users with a certain amount of reputation score when they create content and share it through several of our outlets. In the early days, our outlets are limited to the following sections of the magazine: 1) Mindplex Column (including articles and podcasts), Community Content (including articles and podcasts), and Social (including the magazine and our Mastodon fork). However, due to the early stages of decentralization and automation, you require human approval (from a moderator or editor) to get published in the first three sections, while you can publish automatically on our Social.

Below is the current reputation score for publishing and posting. Please note that the numbers here are subject to change depending on community discussions and voting.

Content TypeDescriptionReputation Reward
Mindplex ColumnThis section offers the highest rewards, as the content published here represents the prestigious Mindplex Magazine. The selection process for this section is rigorous, ensuring only the best content is featured. To access this content, simply navigate to the ‘Read’ menu. Editors are incharge of the content approval. Content can be sourced from various channels, including the Content Factory, established writers and researchers, and a curated selection of talented content creators.0.9 MPXR
Community ContentThis section offers the second highest rewards and represents the esteemed Mindplex Community. All content published here is created by dedicated members of the Mindplex Community. The selection process is overseen by Moderators appointed by the community itself. Content can be sourced from registered Mindplex community members via email or through the submission tool on the Contribute page.0.7 MPXR
NewsThis section offers the third highest reward and showcases Mindplex’s commitment to being a reliable source of accurate, timely, and valuable tech information. The content primarily stems from dedicated full-time editorial team members, ensuring the highest level of expertise and professionalism.0.5 MPXR
SocialThis section offers the fourth highest reward and represents the entire Mindplex ecosystem. It reflects our identity, the quality we uphold, and how we share information as a community. It encompasses the entire Mindplex users post.
The Social section is divided into two parts: 1) Posts published directly on the Mindplex website, under the ‘Social’ page and 2) posts published on the Mindplex Mastodon fork.
Posts published directly on the Mindplex website receive the highest reward due to the emphasis on quality. Users are limited to 4 posts per day, allowing them to give their best. Additionally, if posts do not reach a certain reputation point within 48 hours, they are automatically deleted, ensuring reliability and standardization.
Posts published on the Mindplex Mastodon fork receive the second highest reward, acknowledging their value and contribution to the community.
0.2 (High) and 0.0 (Low)