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Requirements to get published in the Community Content Section

Mindplex and the editorial team will not censor your content. The quality and substance of the content you submitted (can be an article, podcast, or short video) is assessed by the assigned community content moderator. However, for us to publish your content, your submission has to fulfill the following requirements in addition to the moderator’s approval.

  • Exclusivity: the content has to be original and not published anywhere before Mindplex. You should also agree not to republish it on other platforms afterwards.  
  • Legality: the content has to be owned by you: no plagiarism of any extent. 
  • Civility: The content cannot be that of hate speech, bullying, or an outright offense (insulting and ridiculing) to any group of people, organization, legal entity, or individual. 
  • Decent: Although Mindplex is not in complete disagreement to the argument “where is the freedom to use slurs and nudity”, we think it is better to put cruder measures in place initially and then relax them once the reputation system is more mature. You can use slurs or nudity, if and only if it enhances the quality of your content and that there is no better way to do that. After all, you getting nude is not art if it has no point, it is just your natural state! 

As a general guideline, please take a look at our constitution.