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Voting in Content Factory

Voting in the content factory is all about your choices. All free requests will run through a voting process. Users will vote using MPXR. You will not lose the MPXR, but it will temporarily be locked until the voting is closed. For a detailed explanation click here

Requests are batched before they go to voting stations. Batching period is 48 hours. Once batching has started all requests launched during 48 hours will be batched as one group. Then after 48 hours requests under that batch will pass to voting, voting will be open for another 48 hours. During voting time, new requests will start making the second batch.

Only the top 5 requests will pass to the job registry as winners. Highest net vote (upvotes minus downvotes) determine the winner.

You can participate in single or multiple votes. For example, say you have 53 MPXR and you want to vote on five content requests. You can divide your MPXR tokens between the five requests as you like, putting 20 tokens for Content Request 1 (because it’s most important to you), 15 tokens for request 2, 10 for request 3, and so on. These votes can be either upvotes or downvotes.