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Wallet Connection

While it’s not required, we invite you to participate in our reputation system,  which uses a token (MPXR). Your MPXR token is the key to our Reputation system. In the absence of MPXR, your interactions will not be measured and calculated. You will not be able to participate in our governance portal. You will not be able to access our content factory, or participate in the content request, job clamming, voting, and other activities.

You can only connect one wallet to access our reputation engine. You can do that from your profile page. Once you connect, the prompt will disappear, and you can forget it. (Don’t worry, you can even forget your wallet and you won’t lose your MPXR tokens; they are non transferable so they will always stay alive on our Reputation Escrow.) You can see the details here.

In cases where you want to use our liquid and transferable token (MPX), you can connect your wallet from your profile page, which will enable you to withdraw and deposit MPX from and to our MPX escrow. For these, you can use multiple wallets or the same wallet you have used for MPXR.  But don’t put all your eggs in one wallet  … er, basket. 🙂