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What is MPXR and Reputation Score’s Relation in Mindplex?

Mindplex has a reputation calculator AI backed by an on-chain and off-chain data management system. This reputation engine calculates the value of users’ interactions with the platform or other platforms through our reputation plugins/web extensions and adjusts reputation points accordingly. These reputation points are tracked by an on-chain token called MPXR.

Your off-chain reputation score changes instantly. This affects the number you see in your profile, and the weight of your interactions. The Mindplex Reputation Escrow periodically pushes this score onto the blockchain by burning/minting MPXR tokens and transferring them to your linked Ethereum wallet address. These MPXR tokens cannot be transferred or sold, as they are soulbound tokens representing your reputation!

Let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we say that, MPXR is a non-tradable and non-transferable token. It means you cannot sell your reputation or you can’t buy another’s reputation! On the same note, you cannot delegate (even temporarily) your reputation to others nor can others delegate their reputation to you. You can only earn reputation scores based on merit, so please use it carefully because it is a powerful weapon that can reward and punish other users and content creators in addition to its significant weight in our governance procedures. 

N.B. Initially (current smart contract), the token transfer time interval is every 30 days. Depending on the price of gas, the interval will be decreased or increased.