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What to publish in the Community Content Section

Generally speaking, the Mindplex Editorial Team will not dictate the contents of the Community Content section. The community is free to publish any topic the community content moderators approve. Please click here to see more about Community Content Moderators. 

However, since we are a platform that focuses on technology and the future, we suggest the community to focus on the following topics listed below. 

  • Artificial Intelligence — the push for Artificial General Intelligence, out-of-the-mainstream applications of AI, AI ethics, and AI aesthetics & art.
  • Biotech — genetic engineering, engineered lifeforms, and biohacking.
  • Blockchain — and its potential to create decentralized networks, upending the economy, identity, and ownership
  • Body enhancement — from the basic wearables and sensors to the funky and freaky to the profound, including brain and body implants with real computational power
  • Brain-computer Interfacing — for instant brain-to-computer-cloud communications, connecting to the global brain
  • Cryptofinance — can be financial analysis, market updates, investment tips, reviews and assessments, experts prediction on digital assets aka cryptocurrencies
  • Neuroscience — combined with AI and speculative directions like quantum neuroscience.
  • Consciousness neurofeedback, psychedelics, and other tech for consciousness expansion
  • Decentralization — of the web, the internet, the power grid, sovereign data, finance, ultimately leading to a fairer society
  • Extended reality — VR/AR/MR/Metaverses/spatial sound/liminal/new realities/The Matrix
  • Health and Longevity — anything and everything helping humanity toward radically longer lifespans and healthspans
  • Military and surveillance tech — which is advancing fast, focusing on ethical and privacy issues
  • Nanotech — including molecular machines, and beyond to femtotech
  • Quantum Computing — including quantum machine learning and quantum cryptography
  • Parapsychology — covers scientific data and exploratory theories about strange phenomena going beyond conventional science, and mental phenomena excluded from mainstream scientific psychology including Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Telepathy, Out-of-body experiences (OBEs), Precognition, etc. 
  • Radical physics theories, yielding insights into the nature of the universe and perhaps new technologies 
  • Space — steps to becoming a spacefaring civilization
  • Community Discussion — includes call to action to the Mindplex and SingularityNet community, and new product ideas, governance proposals etc. 
  • Review — ranges from a traditional book, article, research, podcast, film, TV, new tech products and gadgets, website, etc. or price comparison articles. It can also be explanatory content about new technology and its application and features. 
  • Advanced tech for the developing world — how the global poor can leapfrog into the future, and the social implications if they don’t.
  • People — Biography, Interview, Exposé, etc.  
  • Doom and Gloom — a dystopian future including an AI uprising, bio extinction, global personality disorder (psychological shallowness, voyeurism and narcissism), weaponization, a legal gladiatorial circus for a global online audience, absolute authoritarians, cybercriminals etc. 
  • Robotics —  covers anything and everything related to robotics and discuss the story of industrial or humanoid robots 
  • Eccentric —  it can address notions like fusion of Magic and Science, Aliens, demonic beings, and things we normally discard as ‘the absurd’ and ‘out of this world’. 
  • Cultural resistance — is a variety of topics that includes tech culture, and philosophy or suggest different lifestyles covering questions like why we should change our value system or how and why technology is creating new cultures. 

Users can contribute articles, podcasts, and short videos addressing these and related topics to our Community Content section.