How ‘friend’ and ‘follow’ relationships affect your reputation

Our reputation engine calculates Reputation by Association for every Friend relationship you have. At the end of the month, the system increases or decreases your score based on the following calculation: 

Reputation score = monthly positive MPXR of your friends normalized to 1 – summation of monthly negative MPXR of your friends normalized to 2

When you click ‘Follow’, you give one person a Follower state and another person the Follower state. Following is an asymmetrical relationship between user A and user B, where A is interested in the events of user B. Follower describes the inverse relationship, where user B has followers, including user A. As a result, the monthly reputation by association is calculated in two different ways for user A and user B.

Your monthly reputation for having Followers is calculated like this: the summation of the monthly reputation of all your followers normalized to 5. Each of your followers’ monthly reputation is calculated as: their monthly_rep × their MPXR normalized to 1. Hence, if you have followers, at the end of the month, your reputation by association score from that interaction will be calculated as summation[each follower’s monthly rep×MPXR normalized to 1] normalized to 5. A Follower’s monthly reputation is calculated as the summation of: [the monthly positive reputation points of the following user multiplied by the follower’s cumulative MPXR normalized to 1] + the summation of [the monthly negative reputation points of the following multiplied by the follower’s cumulative MPXR normalized to 2] .

What is reputation by association?

Your network – directly and indirectly – affects your reputation score. We call this effect Reputation by Association. Your ‘association’ is 1) your friends, 2) the people you follow, and 3) the people who follow you. 

The system considers how you interact with the content of people on your network. Why are you giving a thumbs-up review for a post? Is it because the content creator is your friend?

Any positive or negative reputation score you collect from the above process is calculated as Reputation by Association.