If you publish content on Mindlex, monetizing that is easy. Just like any active user, every content has a reputation. If the content’s quality reputation reaches a certain level, the Content Creator will be rewarded.

Below is the status level:

Performance rangeMPX token Award Remark
Platinum 1500Content that manages to accumulate more than 1,500 points via the Quality Reputation Value matrix.  
Gold999Content that manages to accumulate between 900 and 1,499 points via the Quality Reputation Value matrix.
Silver 500Content that manages to accumulate between 600 and 899 points via the Quality Reputation Value matrix.
Bronze250Content that manages to accumulate between 280 and 599 points via the Quality Reputation Value matrix.

The other way (to monetize your activities) is to claim jobs from the content factory. See more here for full details.

Token Logic

The tokenomic system is designed to draw users to the platform to do these two jobs. 

(1) The job of Content Creators, which is to make good content

(2) The job of Content Consumers, which is to interact with the content and review it. These jobs create Mindplex’s tokenomics.

  • The MPX token supply is limited.
  • The MPX token demand correlates with the number of requests for content. So as the demand for content on the platform grows, the demand for MPX will grow.
  • So as the demand for content on the platform increases, the MPX demand/supply ratio will also increase.


This is our non-liquid token. It is non-transferable! This represents the value of your reputation. The MPXR token is used as a key; without it you cannot interact with content.  It can also be used to request new content or to up-vote or down-vote new content requests. When you open an account on Mindplex, the system will generate one MPXR for you. This will allow you to start interacting and earn more MPXRs.

Reputation cannot be bought! To increase your MPXR, you have to do things that are actually appreciated by the community. However, if you do things for the sake of popularity, you might lose your reputation. Do your thing because it’s right, not because it’s popular!

MPXR is always locked on the Mindplex Reputation Escrow- you can not transfer it to your wallet, trade it, or delegate it. However, people will see how much of it you have from your profile page. In addition, your MPXR balance will be displayed next to your user name. 

While voting, you will see a temporary reduction. 

Let’s say you have 100 MPXR and there are 4 voting processes going on that day inside our content factory. (Voting on Content A, Voting on Content B, Voting on Content C, and Voting on Content D). Let’s also say, two of the voting processes attracted your attention and you decided to participate. Let’s say you use 20 MPXR as up-vote (20 yes votes) in vote A, and another 25 MPXR as down-vote (25 no votes) in vote B. Then your MPXR balance will be reduced to 55 for a short period of time. During this time, you cannot claim jobs (content creation jobs) that require a minimum of 56 MPXR balance and above. Relax, most voting periods last up to 48 hours and once the voting is completed, your MPXR will return to your escrow and your balance will start to display 100 again.

MPXR is used in governance voting as well. MPXR is used as a weight in such voting processes. As explained in the MPX section, our liquid token (MPX) is the one counted as a vote in governance, or it is MPX that can be delegated. How about some rich devil buying lots and lots of MPX and winning a vote? Hold on a minute: this is why MPXR is used as the weight of that vote. You can buy MPX or someone can delegate it; however, all that has little to no value if your vote’s weight is light– MPX not backed by your reputation! Long live MPXR!


This is our liquid token. You can buy and sell it. You can use it to request content, and it is one of the mandatory tokens to become a Member with access to governance voting. The total supply of MPX is one billion. In the early days of Mindplex, it will be released on Ethereum as a Matick (polygon) token. However, once Cardano becomes an efficient, fluid, and reliable smart-contract platform, MPX will move from the Ethereum to Cardano blockchain.

MPX has a governance functionality: it is used in governance voting on proposals for or against. In addition, you can transfer it temporarily and delegate your MPX to other users who can vote on your behalf. Please see more here.

Note: Please protect yourself from crypto currency scams! Our admins will never ask you, and never need the PRIVATE KEY of your wallet! Do not reply to such messages and keep your wallet keys private. Furthermore, please report such incidents via email ( Neither Mindplex nor any of its affiliates in our Ecosystem will EVER ask you for MPX tokens, wallet keys, or to connect your wallet to any other third party websites. Scammers can impersonate the Mindplex admins or team members. NEVER perform these actions, even if it is requested of you by someone that has our name and likeness! Make sure you are following one or more of Mindplex’s official social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Youtube, and Telegram).

Tokens in the Mindplex Ecosystem

Most of Mindplex’s operation require one of the followings:

  • A liquid and transferable (tradable) utility token (MPX), which is used to incentivize content creators and content consumers.
  • A non-liquid and non-transferable reputation token (MPXR), which is used as the on-chain version of users’ reputation score.

The liquid MPX token can be purchased with other currencies on the open market. It is used in membership and governance of the Mindplex Network, as described here.

The non-liquid MPXR Token can only be obtained by interacting with the platform. It’s your reputation and is non-transferable; it will stay on the Mindplex Reputation Escrow. It is used in membership, and the content factory voting process. It is also a trans- platform token that can be shared on other platforms that use our reputation engine. See more here.