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11-Year-Old Creates AI-Based Eye Disease Detection App — a Testament to Young Minds’ Innovation

Mar. 29, 2023.
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11-year-old develops AI-based eye disease detection app using iPhone.

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An 11-year-old Malayali-based girl in Dubai has created an AI-based app that uses an iPhone scanning technique to identify various eye ailments and illnesses. Leena Rafeeq, a self-taught coder, named the app “Ogler EyeScan” and shared her accomplishment on LinkedIn, where she received positive feedback from impressed users. Apple is currently reviewing the app.

Leena explained that her software analyzes characteristics such as light and color intensity, distance, and look-up locations to find eyeballs within the frame range, using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The app can detect light-burst problems and whether the eyes are perfectly positioned inside the scanner frame, and can also diagnose illnesses such as Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataracts.

Leena, who began working on the software at the age of ten, spent six months developing it natively with Apple’s SwiftUI, without the use of any third-party libraries or packages. Leena’s accomplishment, along with that of her younger sister Hana, who made headlines for becoming the youngest iOS app developer, demonstrates the power of young minds’ innovation and their ability to positively impact society.

Source: Analytics Insight
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2 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Creates AI-Based Eye Disease Detection App — a Testament to Young Minds’ Innovation

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  2. Amazing what people can do when expectation and or limitations are removed from people These girls will be my inspiration
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