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Experts urge the UK to invest in a ‘BritGPT’ to remain competitive in the AI race.

Feb. 22, 2023.
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According to experts who testified before the UK’s science and technology committee, developing a BritGPT is critical for the UK to remain competitive and secure in the field of artificial intelligence. AI is a rapidly evolving field that is critical for a wide range of applications, including healthcare and cybersecurity. Without investing in large language models, the UK will lag behind tech behemoths such as China and the United States. While computing power is expensive, the benefits of making a national investment in AI will pay dividends. 

Creating a BritGPT will not only ensure that the UK remains a major player in AI research, but it will also create jobs and drive the economy. The United Kingdom has some of the best AI researchers, but they need a methodical approach to ensure they have access to the necessary computing power. The development of a BritGPT will require significant investment, but the UK must act quickly to avoid falling behind in the global race for AI.


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