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Generative AI: The Next Consumer Platform of Highly Personalized Engagement

Feb. 08, 2023.
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The age of generative AI has arrived, and is quickly gaining consumer acceptance. AI has the potential to revolutionize the internet by enabling highly personalized experiences for users, as evidenced by the early applications we are now seeing in edtech and search. By providing concise and natural language answers, language models have the potential to significantly improve search engines. Furthermore, edtech can now provide highly individualized learning plans on a large scale, giving students a “teacher in their pocket” who understands their specific needs and can provide personalized solutions to their learning requirements. AI chatbots are already being used for human connections, and many users find real meaning in their interactions with these bots. Overall, AI has the potential to supercharge existing products and create new product categories, thereby improving the consumer experience and making scaling easier. With the massive cost differential between humans doing this work and AI at scale it’s easy to see how this could potentially impact many industries.


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