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Google is testing a new AI model called MusicLM, which can generate “high-fidelity music from text descriptions”.

Jan. 31, 2023.
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Google is testing a new AI model called MusicLM, which can generate

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Google’s new artificial intelligence system, MusicLM, can compose music in any genre based on a written description. This system is one of a kind because of its capacity to produce high-quality, cohesive music that is both highly complex and capable of building on preexisting tunes. MusicLM can also create tunes based on specific parameters such as location, time period, and mood. For the purpose of learning to create music, the system was exposed to a whopping total of 280,000 hours of music throughout its training phase. Some of the system’s samples are distorted, and there are problems with the created vocals, despite its amazing capabilities. Ethical issues, such as the possible infringement of copyright, were also brought up by the researchers.


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