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How Emotion Recognition Technology is Helping Brands Connect with Customers

Mar. 13, 2023.
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Decode your customer's subconscious with Entropik's emotion recognition technology. AI-based startup revolutionizes consumer research.

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Entropik is a market research firm that uses artificial intelligence to provide emotionally intelligent consumer research tools. Its AI-powered tools enable businesses to conduct in-house quantitative and qualitative research, assisting them in understanding consumer preferences and developing emotionally compelling products. To capture real-time emotional reactions to ads, videos, and other visual stimuli, the startup employs proprietary technologies such as Facial Coding, AI-Enabled Eye Tracking, and Voice AI technology. Tata Sampann, for example, used Entropik’s Emotion AI Technology to evaluate package designs for its spice category.

Entropik’s products include Affect Lab, AffectUX, and Decode, which support end-to-end consumer insights at scale and have 17 global patents in multi-modal emotion AI technologies. The startup has grown 7X in the last 18 months and plans to triple its growth in the next 18 months. Entropik generates roughly 70% of its revenue in the United States and Europe, with the remainder coming from India and Southeast Asia.

Ranjan Kumar, the founder of Entropik, believes that emotion recognition technology will become more predictive, allowing businesses to anticipate customer needs and preferences. Entropik’s emotionally intelligent consumer research platform provides valuable insights for businesses seeking to create emotionally resonating products as marketers seek new ways to capture audience attention and gauge user emotional response.

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