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How to drink water from the air

Jul. 04, 2024.
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Small panel produces three liters of drinkng water per day

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Solar photovoltaic Hydropanel pulls water vapor from the air and turns it into liquid water (credit: Source)

An innovative “Hydropanel” device that distills water directly from water vapor in the atmosphere, using only sunlight power, has been developed by Source, a Scottsdale, Arizona company.

After distillation, the water is mineralized for ideal pH and TDS (total dissolved solid contaminants), resulting in “safe, premium-quality drinking water,” the company says. The process also mineralizes the water with essential magnesium and calcium to increase body absorption and refine alkalinity and taste.

“Each Hydropanel can produce up to three liters of drinking water a day, about the average daily intake for one person,” according to Cody Friesen, an Associate Professor at the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy at Arizona State University.

Other larger solar-powered devices for producing water are also commercially available.

The company also plans to offer a can version.

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