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Microsoft appears to have accidentally launched new Bing with ChatGPT functionality

Feb. 06, 2023.
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Microsoft may have unintentionally released a new version of Bing that includes ChatGPT functionality. “Welcome to the new Bing, your AI-powered search engine,” says Bing’s tagline. It provides three types of questions to ask the chatbot and includes a disclaimer that “Bing is powered by AI, so surprises and mistakes are possible.” The AI-powered Bing can also cite its sources, which distinguishes it from other AI-powered search engines. However, AI-powered search engines may struggle to pinpoint where they obtained their information. It is unclear whether or not this new version of Bing will go live, but it could provide Microsoft with a much-needed competitive advantage in the search engine industry. The chatbot functionality could also compete with Google’s Knowledge Graph.


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