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Microsoft’s Azure-hosted OpenAI language models – Enterprise ready platform

Feb. 02, 2023.
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Microsoft’s Azure-hosted OpenAI language models - Enterprise ready platform

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Microsoft has made its Azure OpenAI language models generally available for use in code by customers. OpenAI’s generative AI tools, including the GPT-3 text generation and Codex code model, were built and trained on Microsoft Azure servers. Microsoft, on the other hand, is restricting access to the models in order to ensure that projects adhere to ethical AI usage policies and to prevent impersonation or privacy violations. Users can build code using Azure OpenAI’s API endpoints and deploy models using Azure OpenAI Studio once their account has been approved. When designing an application, Microsoft recommends starting with the most capable model and customizing it using training examples with inputs and desired outputs. In addition, the company is constantly monitoring its AI language models to avoid any problems.


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