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Protect Yourself from Scammers Who are Using Voice-Cloning Technology

Mar. 23, 2023.
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Protect your wallet from scammers using voice-cloning technology. Learn how to spot and avoid them.

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a warning that voice-cloning technology is the latest tool used by criminals to dupe people into handing over money. Scammers can impersonate loved ones on the phone by using a voice-cloning program and a short audio clip of their voice. They can then ask for money via wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or gift card. If you receive a call from someone who sounds like a friend or relative asking for money, the FTC advises you to hang up and call the person directly to verify their story.

The FTC cannot estimate how many people have been duped by voice-cloning technology, but the danger is real. Scammers impersonated the CEO of a U.K.-based energy firm in 2019, demanding $243,000, and a bank manager in Hong Kong was duped into making large transfers in 2020. Eight senior citizens in Canada recently lost a total of $200,000 to a voice-cloning scam.

Experts predict that as the cost of voice cloning technology falls and it becomes more accessible to small-time crooks, this type of scam will become more common. Be vigilant and verify the identity of callers who ask for money to protect yourself. Don’t let scammers take advantage of you or your family.

Source: WPR (link)
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