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Protecting businesses from cyber threats with Generative AI

Feb. 15, 2023.
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As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more common, organizations must not only protect themselves from malicious use cases, but also look for ways to defend themselves with AI. Generative AI can detect threats, guide remediation, and help secure cloud and Kubernetes environments. To fully utilize generative AI, businesses must consider new policies, training and output protection, and modernized security auditing. In the future, we must prioritize the protection of AI training and output, the establishment of generative AI usage policies, the modernization of security auditing, data hygiene, the assessment of bias, the creation of new jobs and responsibilities, the use of AI to optimize cyber investments, the enhancement of threat intelligence, and the implementation of a digital trust strategy. While the potential of AI is exciting, it is critical to ensure its ethical use.

As such, businesses must develop strong processes to build resilience against cyber attacks while also regulating its use. Protecting data input and developing prompts for targeted outputs, while also checking outputs for inherent bias, necessitates collaboration between the technology and the people who use it. The proper application of generative AI will provide businesses with the most value while minimizing risks.


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