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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity: Beyond Identity’s Zero Trust Authentication Initiative Takes on the Hackers

Mar. 16, 2023.
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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity: Beyond Identity's Zero Trust Authentication Initiative Takes on the Hackers.

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Beyond Identity has begun a Zero Trust Authentication initiative to secure infrastructure and data by eliminating arbitrary perimeters and requiring authentication from all users and endpoints. The initiative, which aims to codify how IT should apply the zero trust framework in practice, is supported by major companies such as Optiv, Palo Alto Networks, Zero Scaler, Ping Identity, and Crowdstrike. The initiative aims to protect corporate accounts and credentials from phishing and ransomware attacks, among other threats, by eliminating arbitrary perimeters. The program is intended to address the security, password, and MFA gaps that can allow attacks like the one that resulted in the hacking of a LastPass engineer’s corporate laptop in 2022. The Zero Trust Authentication initiative includes a set of measures that businesses can use to strengthen defenses and protect endpoints from lateral movement. Protocols include, among other things, passwordless and phishing-resistant systems, continuous risk assessment, device validation and analysis, and integration with security infrastructure. According to Beyond Identity’s VP of product and solutions, continuous monitoring is critical to security, and Beyond Identity’s policy engine takes signals in and sends instructions out to authenticate or not authenticate to single sign-on systems.

Source: Tech Republic (link)
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