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Revolutionizing the Legal Industry: Co-Counsel by Casetext, the AI System That’s Changing Legal Research and Depositions

Mar. 02, 2023.
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AI and the Law - A Match made in Court...

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Legal AI Casetext’s Co-Counsel is a promising AI system for the legal industry that can perform specific legal tasks such as legal research, document summarization, and even depositions. It is intended to recognize and deconstruct a request before conducting research queries in the manner of a junior lawyer. One of Co-most Counsel’s impressive features is its ability to recognize what it doesn’t know, which is essential for telling the truth. When witnesses speculate about things they don’t know for sure, their statements can sometimes be false. Lawyers can rely on Co-Counsel to provide accurate and reliable information.

A team of AI engineers and experienced litigation attorneys managed a trust and reliability program that trained the AI system. Before being deployed, the team ran every legal skill on the platform through thousands of internal tests, and Co-Counsel applications were extensively tested by a group of beta testers comprised of over 400 attorneys from elite boutique and global law firms, in-house legal departments, and legal aid organizations.

Co-Counsel can assist lawyers with legal research, document summarization, and depositions, among other things. The system can be used to ask specific legal questions, and it will provide a summary or analysis of the analyzed documents. The ability of Co-Counsel to recognize and comprehend the nuances of the law and legal practice makes it an invaluable tool for lawyers and legal professionals.

Source: Above the Law (link)
Images: MidJourney, Prompts by Lewis Farrell

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