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Space Medicine Revolution: How Blue Origin’s Innovations Are Transforming Astronaut Health

Mar. 20, 2023.
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Exploring the final frontier of medicine: how space travel impacts our health and wellbeing.

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Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company, is pioneering new technologies to revolutionize space exploration. Robotic surgery, radiation shielding, and artificial gravity systems are examples of these technologies.

The Robotic-Assisted Surgery System (RASS) is a robotic arm that enables astronauts to receive medical treatment while in space. It is capable of performing a wide range of procedures in a sterile environment, including biopsies, suturing, and wound care. Blue Origin is also working on new radiation shielding technology to protect astronauts from the hazardous levels of radiation in space.

Furthermore, the company is looking into other ways to mitigate the effects of microgravity, such as using artificial gravity systems to reduce the amount of muscle atrophy experienced by astronauts during long-term space missions. Furthermore, Blue Origin has created the Blue Origin Health Monitoring System (BHMS), a set of medical diagnostic tools designed to monitor and track the health of astronauts on long-term missions.

These technologies have the potential to make space exploration safer and more efficient, as well as to improve astronaut health and well-being in space.

Source: TS2 Space (link)
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