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The AI Health Monitoring Tool that Doesn’t Require Wearables or Cameras is Fundamentally changing Elder Care

Mar. 23, 2023.
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Say goodbye to wearables and hello to innovative AI-powered health monitoring for the elderly!

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Revolutionary AI-powered health monitoring tool for the elderly that doesn’t require wearables or cameras. An innovative solution for detecting emerging health problems through low-power waveforms and AI technology. This new technology from the University of Waterloo offers an unobtrusive way to monitor elderly people and alert healthcare workers to sudden falls and other medical conditions. Unlike wearables, it doesn’t require constant battery charging or intrude on privacy.

The wireless system uses low-power radar technology to monitor activities such as sleeping, eating, and bathroom use. By bouncing waveforms off different objects, the system captures vital information about the person being monitored, which goes into an AI engine for processing and detection. The system’s accuracy and reliability make it suitable for use in homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.

This technology represents a significant advancement in healthcare, especially in the face of the growing elderly population and overburdened public healthcare systems. The system has already been installed in several long-term care homes and is being commercialized by Gold Sentinel, a Canadian company partnering with Waterloo researchers.

Source: IEEE (link)
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