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Watch Out, Software Engineers: ChatGPT Is Now Finding, Fixing Bugs in Code

Jan. 31, 2023.
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Watch Out, Software Engineers: ChatGPT Is Now Finding, Fixing Bugs in Code

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According to a new study by computer science researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and University College London, OpenAI’s ChatGPT outperformed existing AI systems in fixing software bugs. ChatGPT solved 31 of 40 problems with buggy code, while Codex, CoCoNut, and Standard APR solved 19, 19, and 7 problems, respectively. ChatGPT’s main advantage is its ability to converse with humans, allowing it to request more information and increase its success rate. The research has the potential to upend the $600 million bug-fixing software industry. However, because ChatGPT is a public database, it may be difficult for tech companies to adopt it in its current form. The impact of ChatGPT on software development in the future remains to be seen.


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