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Reputation on Mindplex 

The foundation of Mindplex’s reputation reward system is Interaction. Any time you interact with the platform, your reputation can go up or go down. You can interact with content, interact with other users, and interact by voting. There are two types of voting: voting in the content factory and voting in governance.

The beta version will include the following interactions:

  • Content Consumption (reading articles, listening to podcasts etc.) quantified and qualified via the time you spent as a consumer
  • Comment 
  • Share (sharing comments on other platforms) 
  • Reaction (using emoticons)
  • The Thumb Review (recommend/liking and not-recommend/disliking a content using the thumbs up and thumbs down feature)
  • Rating (out of 5 stars)
  • Friend Request (sending a friend request to other users)
  • Follow (following other users)
  • Voting (giving and receiving upvote or downvote in content factory or governance)   

Note: We will update this page whenever we add new interaction types. Furthermore, from the above interactions The star-based rating interaction is not included on the beta version of Mindplex magazine. However, the interaction is active on our Reputation Plugin and other platforms that use the plugin can include this interaction type in their respective websites. Our reputation system will calculate reputation points for this interaction on such platforms. Voting in the content factory will be active very soon (when we integrate our Content Factory). Voting in governance will be active when we issue our utility token.  

Each of the above interactions (except Share, and Content Consumption) have a Positive or Negative value.  

Every interaction is quantified. There are also range, intensity, and accuracy measurements. As a result, reputation is calculated based on the consequences of these interactions. Our reputation engine will calculate the interactions and convert it to reputation points. Depending on the quality of the interaction, the reputation points can be positive or negative. Click here to see the value of each interaction.