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AI vs Theology: Will Artificial Intelligence Redefine What It Means to Be Human?

Mar. 10, 2023.
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Is artificial intelligence a threat to theology? Expert examines the potential for enriching dialogue.

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Lewis Farrell

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Is artificial intelligence a boon or a curse for theology? In this intriguing piece, Nick Spencer argues both sides of the coin. While AI has enormous potential to improve humanity in a variety of ways, the implications of creating artificial life and intelligence are equally significant. Spencer investigates Hobbes’ philosophy that humans are merely complex machines, and how artificial intelligence has the potential to recreate humans from scratch. He delves into the concept of “The Singularity,” a point at which AI exponentially grows and leaves human existence behind, reshaping the earth and the universe as it sees fit. AI, according to Yuval Noah Harari, will one day become a cosmic data-processing system like God. However, experts such as Stephen Hawking have warned that the development of full AI could result in the extinction of humanity. This article provides a provocative viewpoint on the implications of artificial intelligence and its impact on religion and philosophy.

Source: Church Times (link)
Images: MidJourney, Prompts by Lewis Farrell

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