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Bite-Size Wearable Technology: Tooth-Mounted Sensor Uses Tiny Chip to Read Saliva

Mar. 22, 2023.
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Monitor your health with a tooth-mounted sensor using this tiny chip. Revolutionary wearables coming soon.

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Silicon Labs has created a small and energy-efficient xG27 chipset that is ideal for medical wearables. Medical and wearable devices that use the xG27 chipset, such as the tooth-mounted wearable sensor developed by Lura Health, can be as small as a tooth.

The sensor is small enough to be glued to a molar or placed inside a “smart retainer” and is capable of continually monitoring a patient’s saliva, allowing clinicians to potentially test for more than 1,000 health conditions. According to Silicon Labs, the xG27 chips are also suitable for medical patches, continuous glucose monitors, and wearable EKGs.

One of the biggest challenges for wearable makers is miniaturizing technology to improve wearability, but this usually comes at the expense of battery life. The xG27 chipset addresses this issue by operating on as little as 0.8 volts and switching to “shelf mode,” which reduces energy consumption during transportation and storage on shelves.

As a result, the xG27 chipset is well-suited for increased wearable use in hospitals and clinical settings. If everything goes as planned, the tooth-mounted wearable sensor could hit the market in 12-18 months, ushering in a new era of medical and wearable devices.

Source: Silicon Labs (link)
Images: MidJourney, Prompts by Lewis Farrell

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