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How 10 industries are experimenting with ChatGPT

Feb. 15, 2023.
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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace has fueled speculation about how it will affect job security and industry roles. Since November 2022, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a language model chatbot trained on massive amounts of data, has been in the public domain. While some are concerned about the potential for AI to be abused, others are looking at the potential ways it can improve industries. The following ten industries are experimenting with ChatGPT:

  • Travel: Comparing the AI’s travel recommendations to those of an experienced advisor.
  • Legal: Using artificial intelligence to answer legal questions about a case and incorporating ChatGPT’s responses into a decision.
  • Real Estate: Using ChatGPT to generate property summaries for listings by typing keywords.
  • Marketing: Writing video scripts for promotional videos with ChatGPT.
  • Education: Students demonstrate mastery of a topic by teaching ChatGPT. Creating lesson plans and materials with ChatGPT.
  • Law Making: AI writing bills have been introduced in Massachusetts to regulate generative artificial intelligence.
  • Health: Testing the ability of ChatGPT to diagnose patients.
  • Publishing: Putting the AI’s ability to write articles to the test.
  • Tech: Without prior experience, write good code quickly, debug code, and create effective malware.
  • Government: Using ChatGPT to produce more human-like responses for citizens.

The rise of AI provides industries with a unique opportunity to improve their operations, but it must be used with caution … we are only in the first iterations of applying these technologies and mistakes will occur.


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