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Peeking Inside the Enigmatic World of AI with Nineteenth-Century Math

Feb. 17, 2023.
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Using a well-established mathematical analysis known as Fourier analysis, scientists were able to examine the complex inner workings of deep neural networks, a type of artificial intelligence. The analysis enables them to identify patterns and see what calculations the AI is performing that are similar to human calculations. AI can now transcribe human speech into words, colorize images, detect financial fraud, and design drug molecules thanks to deep neural networks. However, one of these networks’ challenges is that they are designed as a black box, and even their creators do not fully comprehend them.

The success of this recent attempt may allow scientists to gain a better understanding of how their neural networks work and possibly adapt them for other applications. The new data could lead to improved weather forecasting models and other climate applications, as well as assist renewable energy operators in determining what to put into the grid in the coming hours.

Scientists have been able to lift the veil on the enigmatic world of AI by using Fourier analysis, revealing a powerful tool inspired by centuries-old mathematical concepts.


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